Welcome our newest member Brand Maruska

Welcome our newest member Brand Maruska

Have you ever wondered what HM the Queen Elizabeth II, Novak Djokovic, Michelle Obama and Johnny Depp have in common? They all wear Maruska products!

Brand Maruška is a Serbian luxury goods manufacturer with a long heritage, that produces one of a kind silk accessories. It has been consistently ranked as the Serbian most valuable brand in terms of luxury gifts.

Limited, authentic silk scarves and ties are made for your enjoyment so it can bring you the magical feeling of tenderness, memory and satisfaction. Their unique products are made in a harmonious way of passion, mind and soul done by the skillful hands of their experts.

Their collections are beautiful, timeless, elegant, attractive, spectacular, exciting, magical... in one word 'as unique as you are'.

If you would like to collaborate with Maruska, kindly contact us at office@britserbcham.com so we can arrange a meeting with our team both in the UK and Serbia.

Visit their website: https://www.studiomaruska.com/