We are proud to present our new member Aleksic Winery

We are proud to present our new member Aleksic Winery

What Aleksic winery today makes unique, not only in this region, is a unique story about three sisters who invest all their love, hopes, dreams, courage and effort into the production of wines that are signed as women's hands work. With their individual concept, authentic approach to communication and the promotion of new products, but above all quality, they were pointed out in the market, and Aleksic wines became synonym for style, character and attitude.

Winery Aleksic was awarded with 84 medals for wine quality. Also, it is the winner of the best national producer award by the AWC from Vienna, as well as the „Zena zmaj" women's entrepreneurship award, the Serbian Association of Managers prize for the business of the year and Ernest Young finalist for Entrepreneur of the year.

We are delighted to announce that Winery Aleksic is now also present at the UK market, distributed by NIKO Preston.

Visit their website: www.aleksicvinarija.rs