Covid-19 regulations update

Covid-19 regulations update

There have been lots of changes in the Covid travel regulations both in the UK and in Serbia.

In the UK

The relaxation of UK Covid-19 travel regulations we reported in the last newsletter came into force ago avoid quarantine. A LinkedIn post with more details is here.

A further announcement was made by the UK Government allowing the use of Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) from October 24 for day 2 tests after arrival in the UK reducing the cost of testing. Further details are here. Note that the LFTs still need to be ordered as the free LFT available in UK chemists are not valid.

The Scottish Government is now enforcing its rules requiring Covid passes to attend large gatherings and nightclubs: Serbian green certificates are accepted. More details here

On Wednesday evening, it became clear that the UK Department of Health does not completely recognise the validity of any foreign vaccine certificate (Including Serbian Green certificates) despite the published UK Government guidance saying otherwise. It appears that if any person on the plane subsequently tests positive in the day 2 test, everyone on that plane with anon-UK vaccine certificate/travel pass will be contacted (‘pinged’) and required to isolate (however, those with UK certificates will not need to).

This article ( by Simon Calder, Travel Editor of the Independent, explains the situation (free registration may be required).


In Serbia

The Serbian Government has announced the introduction of new regulations from 2200 on October 23 requiring the production of Covid passes with QR codes for access to all catering facilities (including cafes, bars and restaurants) after 2200 every night. Covid certificates will not be needed before then. Further details are here:

Foreign certificates will only be accepted if recognised (including digital EU certificates) under the existing travel regulations ( which are unchanged.

It appears that this change to the regulations is intended to encourage vaccine take-up.

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As usual, please check the appropriate regulations directly. Whilst providing this summary in good faith, the BSCC accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions.