BSCC Serbian Trade Mission Visit to Autostop

BSCC Serbian Trade Mission Visit to Autostop

Second day of the BSCC Serbian Trade Mission is on! Earlier today, we had the chance to visit our member AUTOSTOP AVIATION and their factory in Leskovac.

AUTOSTOP AVIATION is the largest airline seat cover manufacturer in Europe. Part of the AUTOSTOP Global group, they offer airlines and automotive companies great value for money for their customers, resulting in an unparalleled price and quality. Their seat cover facility employs over 1000 highly skilled fabric and leather technicians. They also manufacture a synthetic leather called SkyLeather for airlines across the globe.

The BSCC delegation was delighted to meet AUTOSTOP’s team who emphasised how important it is to them to have a strong relationship between the UK and Serbia for their business and to exploit further opportunities.

Click here for the interview with the BSCC Chair Dr David Landsman and Vice President of Autostop, Mr Ivan J. Sakellariou.