ABL Ltd becomes a member

ABL Ltd becomes a member

Accessory Bits Ltd trading as ABL was established in Wellingborough, UK in 2003. Since then, ABL continues to be a growing brand providing innovative and reliable products to the office furniture market. ABL’s factory and EMEA distribution centre is located in Cacak, Serbia, while the UK-based distribution centre services the UK and Ireland.

Following its mission to fully meet customers’ requirements and expectations in terms of quality, ergonomics, functionality and safety - ABL offers a portfolio of products that includes - power modules, monitor arms, CPU holders, and cable management. Every single one of ABL’s products has been designed to support the end-user whilst offering functionality with a sleek design finish. All power modules are designed and manufactured 100% in-house, meeting British and European Standards.

ABL’s manufacturing capabilities allow speedy production of bespoke Power Modules. Furthermore, G type sockets are equipped with a spare fuse that is a unique patent registered by ABL.

Visit their website: www.abl-ltd.com