A warm welcome to our new member Roaming Networks

A warm welcome to our new member Roaming Networks

As a member of the Roaming Solutions Group, Roaming Networks has established itself as one of the leading system integration companies in the Western Balkans in the field of ICT industry.

They have always been committed in providing a complete and innovative solution  in the rapidly evolving telecommunications industry, their aim is to help people communicate more efficiently, thereby significantly enhancing their quality of life. 
Their core operations are the delivery of professional consulting, design, implementation, integration, and maintenance in the fields of Radio Communications, Passive Optical Networks and Access Systems, IT infrastructure and Data Centres, Security Solutions and E-mobility. 

In recent years, Roaming Networks has established a strong presence in west Balkans region, Austria, Germany and USA. They have built successful partnerships with more than 15 global firms, by steadily developing and growing our business while keeping their values. 
Their next goal is to further expand into Europe and establish a presence in UK.

Rade Vujović, President at Roaming Solutions group:

"Today we number more than 700 employees, with many active projects all over the world. Each service we offer as a company and every job we have done is the result of people working together in order to make tomorrow’s world better. Every one of us strives towards a common goal — to add value across the existing and new telecommunication networks around the world!

In the era of digitalisation, constant changes in work environment, new demands and  a requirement for an agile approach to daily business;  we are honoured to become a member of British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce that promotes businesses cooperation between Serbia and the United Kingdom. We are confident that this partnership will pave the way on our path to participate in the digitalisation of business in UK."

website: www.roamingnetworks.com
LinkedIn: Roaming Networks (https://www.linkedin.com/company/roaming-networks/ )
YouTube: Roaming Networks ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCTJgNRqh8OLkzS26vZjlSQ )